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"On time and on budget" is the goal of every excavation service company and at All Phase Excavation Service we add "done to perfection" to that tag line. When the carpenters show up to build the forms they'll find a site that is excavated to specifications, minimizing unnecessary work.

Excavating Service Truck Santa RosaWe understand that a general contractor's primary concerns when selecting an excavation service include experience, capabilities, capacity, reliability, flexibility and of course a fair price. Excavation is typically the first task in starting a project and if that task is not performed to spec or is delayed it can have a serious impact on the success of the overall project. We understand the importance of being reliable and are prepared to perform the job as expected.

The company started when founder and owner Vince Cheney launched All Phase Excavating in May of 1998 with a single bobcat and a pickup truck. He figured the way to be successful as a business owner is to do what you do best. "I really do enjoy excavating. I get a kick out of it and I decided that as I grew I would surround myself with other people who liked working excavation as much as I do."

Serving Marin, Napa and Sonoma counties All Phase Excavating is headquartered in Penngrove with an equipment yard centrally located in Sonoma County. All Phase Excavating has grown from a single bobcat and a truck to 22 pieces of excavating and hauling equipment specifically acquired to tackle client needs. All Phase Excavating has the capability to tackle any excavating project large or small, from ground clearing to hauling debris.

If It's an Excavating Challenge We Want a Shot at It

As a general contractor you may not be overly concerned if your excavator is has a passion for moving earth but if you think about it, people who really enjoy their work are typically better at it than most. They see difficult jobs as a test of their skill and that's why we excel at tight access, hillside excavation, full and partial structure demolition and abatement and other demanding excavating projects.

Vince is personally involved onsite in every project often working side by side with his crews. This onsite management involvement assures quality work and allows for streamlined communications with the general contractor.

All Phase is a Responsible Community Business

Is there a Californian that is not aware of the state's efforts to protect and improve our environment? At All Phase Excavation we are in full compliance with requirements with DPF requirements and our abatement service is certified for the removal of asbestos and lead. Where we can go green we do.

We are of course fully licensed and insured and place an emphasis on safety in all of our operations.

We keep up with the community's business trends as members of the Marin Builder's Exchange.

When you need it done right, and on time, and on budget you need to contact us at 707-795-0142. We will be delighted to discuss your project, survey the site, offer suggestions and give you a competitive quote for our services.


All Phase Excavation have been a great asset to the construction services we provide to our clients. Vince’s thoroughness, reliability, and his work force sets him apart from any others I have worked with.

Josh Klein
Josh Klein Construction, Inc

Going on 20 years, All Phase Excavating has been my first phone call for services like:
Grading, drilling, demo, setting steel soldier beams or frames, underpinning, material handling, drainage, and of course, general excavation.

Besides being at the top of the list in his work, Vince is an excellent communicator, and has always been easy to work with.

The reason his employees reflect a lot of Vince’s qualities is that his leadership sets the tone.

I always look forward to working with All Phase on a project, because he wants it to be a success every bit as much as I do.

Keith Hughes
Hughes Structural Inc.
B, C51, #521073

As a general contractor working in Marin for 30 years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with a lot of excavation contractors. Vince and his crew are always very organized, on schedule, and very workable with all excavation work in our county. He did the excavation for my own home, and it was a pleasure to work with him. We will continue to do business with him and his crew for much time to come.

Jeff Kerr
Kerr Construction Inc.

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  • Site Preparation
  • Tight/Access Excavation
  • Trenching
  • Demolition
  • Material Export/Import
  • Drilling

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