Pipe Pile

pipe pile work californiaThe project in this photo is the installation of pipe piles for a foundation on a new residence in Tiburon, CA. The soils for this project were soft and expansive materials so the engineers suggested the use of pipe piles being impact driven using a machine mounted high impact hammer to drive piles to bedrock for a solid bearing foundation. For this project as well as all other projects involving pipe piles we partner with Hughes Structural, Inc. The owners Keith and Dylan Hughes have 30 plus years of extensive knowledge and experience in the pipe piling industry.

Pipe piles are driven through soft or weak soils that will not support a building , pile are driven with by either a machine or portable depending on the access of your site we can negotiate either. Pipe piles can also so be used for temporary shoring of an existing structure that may be settling or moving in some fashion. Pipe piles do not require rebar or concrete, as used in typical drilled pier foundations. Thus eliminating costs and simplifying the install of your foundation. The pipe pile system is widely accepted by most structural engineers in the area, should you need the referral of a qualified engineer please do not hesitate to contact us or Hughes Structural, Inc. We will be happy to get your project off and running.