Pier Drilling

Helical, Impact and Drilled Piers – All Phase Excavation Brings Stability to the Project

It is no secret that the Bay Area, and most of California for that matter, has soil stabilization issues. Finding and connecting to bedrock is the preferred method to establish a foundation that avoids load bearing problems associated with our top and sub soils. Drilling for that bedrock is a task usually assigned to the excavating firm and All Phase Excavation is equipped to do just that.

Like most excavation projects there isn't a "universal" method to install piers. The purpose of the pier, the load it will have to bear, the geology of the site and access to the site all factor in to the drilling technique to be used. All Phase Excavating has the experienced operators and equipment to take on the most frequently called for pier installation projects including:

  • Helical drilling. One of the most effective and commonly used techniques for establishing a new foundation and for foundation repair. Our drills are equipped with a hydraulic drive assembly capable of enormous torque making quick work in pier installation.
  • Drilled piers. When a reinforced concrete pier is called for our equipment can accurately drill a hole 9" to 30" in diameter up to 25 feet deep. When the hole is complete we can position and install the steel sleeve in preparation to the installation of rebar and pouring of concrete.
  • Impact driven pipe piles are also common in many Bay Area excavation projects and our high speed impact drill can save valuable time in the installation process.

With over 15 years of experience providing on time, on budget excavation service to Napa, Marin and Sonoma counties, All Phase Excavation has developed an impressive "drilling resume." Our most frequently called for projects have included:

  • Helical piers for residential and commercial foundations
  • Helical piers for foundation repair
  • Impact driven piers for light poles
  • Impact piers to stabilize retaining walls and soil stabilization
  • Drilled piers for load bearing columns

As always our exceptional customer care applies to all projects regardless of size.

If you are a general contractor, land developer or homeowner and you have a project that requires expert drilling, your next step is to contact us at our Rohnert Park headquarters. We will be happy to discuss your project, survey the site and prepare a comprehensive, cost effective proposal.


All Phase Excavation have been a great asset to the construction services we provide to our clients. Vince’s thoroughness, reliability, and his work force sets him apart from any others I have worked with.

Josh Klein
Josh Klein Construction, Inc

Going on 20 years, All Phase Excavating has been my first phone call for services like:
Grading, drilling, demo, setting steel soldier beams or frames, underpinning, material handling, drainage, and of course, general excavation.

Besides being at the top of the list in his work, Vince is an excellent communicator, and has always been easy to work with.

The reason his employees reflect a lot of Vince’s qualities is that his leadership sets the tone.

I always look forward to working with All Phase on a project, because he wants it to be a success every bit as much as I do.

Keith Hughes
Hughes Structural Inc.
B, C51, #521073

As a general contractor working in Marin for 30 years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with a lot of excavation contractors. Vince and his crew are always very organized, on schedule, and very workable with all excavation work in our county. He did the excavation for my own home, and it was a pleasure to work with him. We will continue to do business with him and his crew for much time to come.

Jeff Kerr
Kerr Construction Inc.